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In 1994 Andrew Mitchell began a firewood business, Andrews Firewood. He soon became aware that firewood merchants had a similar reputation to the stereotypical used car salesman, "very dodgy". He heard many stories of merchants promising that their firewood was dry and delivering wood that had a high moisture content and so burned poorly, if at all.

Andrew realised that the only way to keep firewood dry during those cold, wet winter months was to store it in sheds. This is an expensive and time consuming undertaking and most merchants do not go to the lengths needed to ensure that they are delivering wood that's really dry. But that was his promise to you.... and one that we still stand by.

New Beginings...

In June 2015, after working for Andrew for the previous 6 years, I bought the business and look forward to carrying on the same reputation that Andrew and Sonja have spent the past 20+ years establishing - ensuring you are getting Dry Firewood That's Really Dry!

All our firewood is hand loaded onto our trucks and moisture readings are taken regularly to make sure you are getting "Dry firewood that's really dry" or your money back!

Thank you for visiting our website!

Court Buhler


02 July 2020

We currently have limited Dry firewood available - call or email to see what is available.

We also have bags of small pieces of Dry Firewood $12 - Mac, Old Pine, Gum.


If you want to place an order please either send us an email, text, or phone us. We can't always take your phonecalls so please do leave us a message and we will return your call as soon as we are able. 


Thank you! We look forward to serving you!