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Dry Firewood

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Wood Type


Price per 3.6 m3 Dry
Poplar and Willow

These are not regarded as quality firewoods. Personally, I would say they are comparable in burning to Standard Pine, however they tend to produce more ash.






Standard Pine

This Pine is cut from trees between about 30 and 40 years old. As Pine trees get older they become better burning. We do not like to sell Pine from trees under 18 years old as they tend to burn too quickly.



Currently Available


Old Pine

This is cut from Pine trees that are over 40 years old. There is still some variance between the burning of a 40 year old tree and a 100 year old one, so there can be some variance in the burning quality of our Old Pine. In some circumstances very Old Pine can have a higher heat output than Macrocarpa. It should be noted that the resin in old pine means that it doesn't burn as cleanly as other wood



Currently Available


Lawson Cypress


This is quite simlar to macrocarpa (see below) although it may give out slighly less heat.


$370 Currently Unavailable

Although this is still classified as a soft wood, it is very good burning and also burns very clean. This is not suitable for open fires as it sparks.              

$410 Currently Unavailable
Wattle This is a hardwood so burns longer and hotter than the above types. We recommend that a softer wood is used first to get the fire going and to establish a good ember base as starting a fire with a hardwood is more difficult. ------ Not Available


This is a good hardwood. Red and Blue Gum are extremely long burning woods. There are, however, a variety of species and they do vary in their burning quality. While most species make very good firewood, there are some species that are more comparable to a soft wood. We try to keep these species separate when we get large quantities of them.



Currently Unavailable

Manuka This is regarded as one of the top commercial firewoods, however some people think it is a little over rated. Because of the price, we mostly sell  this to Wellington Firewood Yards who retail it in bags. We do, however, offer it to our local customers for those who want to try the "Rolls Royce" of firewood. Please note that it is cut smaller than our standard size. $470 Not Available

Totara has quick ignition, burns ferociously, and gives rapid heat. Its straight grain also makes it a great wood for kindling with the natural oils assisting in burning.

$410 Not Available